About Me

Assalamualaikum. Hello, my name is Faliq, an Indonesian guy who love to discover the new things and new experience in this vast world. I started to actively write in this blog since 2016 and will keep continue until I depart to the hereafter someday. Do you know the reason why I'm blogging? OK, let me tell you something. When you want to travel, you always seek an information about the destination you wanted to go. The people who writes their journey on the cyberspace exactly is the real helper for you since they give you a free access for information related to your searching.

Those kind of things encouraged me to give feedback to the community by writing the stories of my adventure. Since then, another traveler will keep updated about the information with the reference from my page. I am afraid if someday there's no traveler who are willing to write, one by one the beautiful destination in this world will be empty of visitors. Hopefully it won't be happen.

Anyway, I choose the name of my blog with the name "Backpack Wanderer" because most of the time I travel to another place, I use backpack except when I am on business trip. I always set my mind that I won't stop to travel the world just because the limitation of the square work space in my office. I do really believe, we will get the real life lesson when we are on the journey to somewhere in this earth whether when we are on solo travel or on a group.

"Travelling, - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." - Ibn Battuta